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SIAL Canada, the International Food & Beverage Tradeshow, co-located with SET Canada, the National Food Equipment and Technology Tradeshow, cater to North American food-industry professionals. The shows represent two of the industry’s most important meeting places for North America:

  • 14,000 professional visitors from 61 countries 
  • 700 exhibitors expected in 2013
  • 230,000 sq/ft of exhibiting space

SIAL Canada is an integral part of the SIAL Group —the world’s leading network of food-industry shows— which has a presence on 4 continents (Paris, Montreal/Toronto, Shanghai, São Paulo and Abu Dhabi) counting 7,500 exhibitors and 200,000 visitors from 200 countries.

SIAL Canada also belongs to the Comexposium network, the world’s 2nd largest organiser of high-profile shows hosting more than 150 large-scale annual events.

How it started

Sial Canada started in 2001 and was organised on a biannual basis, during which it was known as SIAL Montreal. That show was the culmination of the work of 3 organisations that are all shareholders in the event: the ADAQ (Association des détaillants en alimentation du Québec), the Agri-Food Export Group of Quebec-Canada, and Comexposium (owner of the SIAL shows and subsidiary of the Unibail Group). In 2007, SIAL Montreal became an annual show in order to keep up with the constantly changing food market and to make the most of the business opportunities found therein. In 2009, such changes in the market led the show to reinforce its position as a national and international force by becoming SIAL Canada. In 2010, it would again solidify its standing by beginning to hold the show both in Montreal (in even years) and in Canada’s financial heart, Toronto (in odd years). 

In North America, Expo Canada France Inc. (part of the Comexposium network) is responsible for the organisation of SIAL Canada. In 2005, the national food equipment and technology show, SET Canada, is created and is co-situated with SIAL Canada, offering a complete range of food industry products, all in one place. In 2010, SET Canada moves things to another level and introduces new paths in order to increase exhibitor visibility and make the search for new products easier:

  • a one-of-a-kind industry layout with the creation of SET Retail (SET MAG), SET Food Service (SET HRI), and in 2011, a section for the packaging and processing industries (SET EMBALLAGE);
  • creation of expert pathways: "Traceability", "Techno-SET" and "Sécuri-SET", and finally, in 2012, "Eco-SET";
  • program of conferences given by recognized industry professionals. 

SIAL S.A. is a French company that organises the SIAL shows held all over the world:

  • SIAL in Paris for the European market,
  • SIAL Canada in Montreal and Toronto for the North-American marketn,
  • SIAL China in Shanghai for the Asian market,
  • SIAL Brazil in São Paulo for the South-American market,
  • SIAL Middle East in Abu Dhabi for the Middle-Eastern markett.

The mission of the Agri-Food Export Group is to promote the products and services of nearly 400 Quebec food-industry professionals and to offer them the necessary tools to help them gain access to other markets.

The mission of the Association des détaillants en alimentation du Québec is to represent and defend the professional, socio-political, and economic interests of roughly 9,000 food-industry retailers, irrespective of their brand or the type of space in which they operate.


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