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Why visit SIAL Canada 2011?

You will have an opportunity to meet some of Canada’s most important food industry players in North America’s 5th largest city.  Toronto is a major decision-making center for the food industry where many of the country’s top ranked food and beverage manufacturers are headquartered.

You will discover Toronto's dynamic specialty food sector where the city’s vibrant multi-ethnic community and extensive export connections abroad drive the sector's growth thanks to:

  •  A remarkable level of product development energized by ethnic diversity and a high demand for specialty foods
  •  A highly innovative retail community led by the Loblaws group of stores whose former leader developed the renowned President's Choice (PC) brand of specialty foods.

Just across the U.S. border, you will experience a world-class showcase of food and beverage products where you can learn about local, regional and international products, developments and trends - all this in easy-to-access Toronto (see Traveling to Toronto below).

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